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We are your source for American Saddlebred Sport Horses. From prospects to finished horses to competitive partners in dressage, eventing, combined driving, endurance, trail, show jumping, and pleasure, you will find an American Saddlebred who exceeds your expectations. Our horses are PURPOSE BRED to PLEASE and PERFORM!!


Inflammatory Asset


For the beginning rider, for the rider who wants to hone her basic skills, for the rider who wants to bring a horse up through the ranks in the dressage world, all while providing a fun and safe ride, Frieda (aka Inflammatory Asset) will take you there! Frieda has been at my house for two months and has provided me and my friends-- of all skill levels-- countless hours of enjoyment. She has a big, booming canter and an easy, regular trot; she enjoys working at home as much as she enjoys competition. She is the proverbial "Steady Eddy" who can pack a rider and enhance confidence yet allow a more advanced rider to boost her skill set to make her even more pleasurable to ride.



AmericanSaddlebredSportHorse.net was created in 2000 for the purpose of educating sport horse buyers, as well as American Saddlebred breeders, owners and trainers, about this amazing, but under utilized, natural equine resource. In addition to their obvious athleticism and charisma, the "Sport Horse America Made" is a willing partner in whatever endeavor their owners choose to aspire due in no small part to the phenomenal aptitude the breed has for this work. This site offers active support and education for buyers and sellers through our website. Please visit our classified section to advertise your horse, find your new partner, or participate in our online community. Consider our alternative!

For more than 35 years, we have been breeding, developing, competing, buying, selling, and educating the public about the phenomenon that is the American Saddlebred Sport Horse. If you are looking for your ASB partner -- WE ARE THE SOURCE!

  • For Sellers, we offer consulting and advertising -- free of charge. Don't know how to do that video, or take those pictures that will enable you to bring in this group of buyers? Email us! We'll be happy to help!
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  • Are you wondering whether the bloodlines of your prospect are suitable for your goals? We can help unravel the mystery of breeding!

We speak American Saddlebred *show horse* and *sport horse*.

For more info about The owner of this site and her life with American Saddlebreds please read her wonderful story "For the Love of a Mare."

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