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The Sporthorse/Showhorse Translator

Explanations of Sporthorse Disciplines

Selecting a Sporthorse Prospect

Selecting a Saddlebred by Julie Lynn Andrew

Selecting a Sport Horse Prospect-Part 1 by Suzon Murray

Selecting a Sport Horse Prospect-Part 2 by Suzon Murray

American Saddlebred Bloodlines for Sport Horse Disciplines by Julie Lynn Andrew

Bloodlines and Breeding

Eventing Alternate Breeds: The American Saddlebred by Chris Uhlinger, VMD

Understanding Inbred Pedigrees by Suzon Murry

Pedigrees of World’s Champions by Julie Lynn Andrew

Keeping a Foot in Both Camps

WGC Bloodlines in the Sport Saddlebred by Julie Lynn Andrew

The Pedigrees of the World’s Grand Champions by Julie Lynn Andrew

SS Genuine:  Pedigree Profile of a Champion by Julie Lynn Andrew

Who’s Your Daddy? by Julie Lynn Andrew

Saddlebreds in Sports

Sporthorse Disciplines and the American Saddlebred: The Natural Fit by Julie Lynn Andrew

Presenting Your Sporthorse

Ouchless “Dressage Mane” for Your Saddlebred by Suzon Murray and Chris Uhlinger, VMD

How to Take a Video or Your Sport Horse Prospect by Chris Uhlinger, VMD

Taking Conformation Pictures of Your Sport Horse by Chris Uhlinger, VMD

Health and Wellness

Stretch, Lift, and Bend by Julie Lynn Andrew

Saddlebred News

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